Our Company Owner is Christian Wright, Christian has over 20 years experience working within the first aid, medical industry, care industry and the emergency services. Christian pass experience includes working for NHS Trusts within the Kent and Cambridgeshire areas both as training officer and operational management, team leader for a community first responders team within South East Coast Ambulance Service and on the RNLI as lifeboat crew for a total of 17 years.

Christian is currently supported by three team leaders who over sees our training services, medical services with the third looking after the administration and sales within the company. Below is some of the duties that our team leaders perform.

Our Training Team Leader ensures that all our instructors are up to date with their qualifications so they are able to teach, changes in the training industry is passed to our instructors and works with our awarding bodies to maintain our high standards on the delivery of our regulated courses.

Our Medical Team Leader ensures that all our medical staff are up to date with their qualifications, training is undertaken on a regular basis and that they have the equipment that they need to successfully carry out their jobs.

Our Administration Team Leader ensures that all the paperwork is up to date, services and courses are all correctly booked in, accounts and invoices are handled correctly. They also look after the sales team and make sure that they have all that they need for event and shows we attend. The administration team leader also work closely with companies that help us move the business forward and that supplies services to us.

In addition to our team leaders we also have a two officers within the company that look after the more in depth things like dealing with government departments and professional bodies.

Our Clinical Officer advises us on changes with the medical practices and law so we can ensure we are kept up to date.

Our Compliance Officer deals with all our government departments and professional bodies and undertakes inspections our our services to make sure that we stay legal with any changes that come about.

Our company Terms and Conditions are also available on request.