Echo Medical Services are able to provide a number of medical services to help you with your medical needs.


The services that we can offer range from an IHCD ambulance technician in an rapid response car responding to emergency calls to an phlebotomist taking bloods in peoples homes on behalf of a doctor surgeries or in a work place on behalf of a company and insurance company doing random drug checks.


We can also provide medical cover for events and gatherings. We can provide a first aider for a small event to a medical team that could include first aider, first responders, emergency care assistants and IHCD technicians. In the future we will also be able to provide additional personnel to the levels of paramedics, nurses and doctors.


We are fully insurance in all the services we provide for and all our medical staff hold approved and recognised qualifications to carry out their positions. All the medical staff are security checked by ourselves and hold a up to date DBS.