Q: Is Echo Medical Services VAT Registered or Registered with companies house?

A: At present we are not registered with either VAT or companies house. All prices that are quoted or invoiced for is the total amount due. 



Q: What staff do you use within Echo Medical Services?

A: We have a number of staff with different skill levels within Echo Medical Services. They include qualified instructors, first aiders, first responders and IHCD technicians. All the staff within Echo Medical Services have first hand experience within their position.

Q: Are your staff DBS checked.

A: All staff that will come into face to face contact with children or venerable adults within their job roles will have a enhanced DBS check completed on them. The DBS will be carried out by a authorized company registered under the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Q: Do your staff carry any identification.

A: All staff will be issued with a identification card on starting with the company. The information that is included on their identification card is a photo, full name, company position, DBS number and skill set. There is also the head office contact details and telephone number in cases where you may be concerned if the card or staff member is not genuine. All staff carry their ID cards all time on or off duty.

Q: Do your staff wear a uniform.

A: All staff that work for the company will be smart in appearance. Their personal hygiene will be of a high standard and they will be wearing a company uniform. Depending in their job role all staff will wear a uniform that are sightly different from each. All staff will wear their ID cards at all times.

Management & Office Staff - Smart clothes.

Instructors, Assessors & Medical Services Advisers - Instructors & Assessors will wear a bottle green polo shirts showing the company logo on the front, dark trousers/cargo's and black shoes or safety boots. Cold weather fleeces are the same as the polo shirts with the same markings. 

First Aiders, First Responders and IHCD Technician Uniforms - Standard ambulance green shirt or bottle green polo shirts with the company logo on the front and skill level on the epaulettes (Shirts only), ambulance green cargo's, black safety boots. Standard ambulance cold weather fleeces and high vis wet weather jackets with the same as the green shirt or polo shirts in marking.

Q: Do you meet your staff protection as an employer and protect your clients.

A: All staff that work for the company have a right to go about their roles without fear of harm or abuse. whether that is working in the office, teaching delegates or providing medical treatment or transport to a patient. All operational staff carry a nationwide two way radio that is GPS tracked and is fitted with a panic alarm for communication with the office, duty on call manager and company owner. A select number of staff are also trained to use STOPPA RED, a self defence gel, rigid handcuffs (Quickcuffs) and are authorized to use them if they feel that they, a colleague or a patient is a risk of immediate danger or harm. These staff are also trained in control and restraint techniques.

Q: Are your staff qualified to carry out their job roles.

A: All staff and contractors that work for the company are fully qualified in their job roles with the company checking certificates and references before they carry out any work on behalf of Echo Medical Services.

Management, Office and Control Staff - All management and office staff have a minimum of 12 month experience in working in their environment. They would already have NVQ/BTEC or be willing to undertake them as part of their personal development. Our duty managers, team leaders and control staff have additional training to use all our systems to allow the company to run 24/7.

Instructors & Assessors   - All instructors and assessors are qualified approved instructors in the field they teach in and are up to date with the current guidelines from the relevant bodies. All instructors will also hold a professional teaching qualification and assessor qualification*.

First Aiders & Advance First Aiders - Our first aiders and advance first aiders are qualified in line with the current guidelines that are set out by Ofqual for the Level 3 first aid at work & Ofqual Level 3 Paediatric First Aid.

First Responders & Emergency Care Assistants - Our first responders and emergency care assistants are qualified in line with the current guidelines that are set out by Ofqual for the Level 3 first response emergency care (FREC) and the IHCD for the IHCD first person on scene intermediate (FPOS-I) 

IHCD Technicians - Our technicians are fully qualified to the professional and high standards that are set out by the IHCD and are fully insured to carry out the full range of their skills including drug therapy, manual defibrillation and advance airway management. When carrying out driving duties our technicians are qualified to a national ambulance standard of D1 and D2 and holds a BTEC level 3 in emergency response driver.

*From time to time we use medical instructors that are fully licensed and approved by Echo Medical Services or one of our licensing bodies.

Medical Services

Q: Are you a registered care quality commission company for medical services.

A: The simply answer is NO. All the activities that we currently undertake at Echo Medical Services are non compliance activities. When we do carry out compliance activities this is though a company that we have been contracted by and that is care quality commission registered. When we are contracted by such company we will work under their policies and procedures to ensure that we keep within their scope of registration.

To be registered with care quality commission means that you carry out a service that needs to be registered under the care quality commission scope of registration and use staff with a skill level that meets and exceeds their scope of registration for example a state registered paramedic, nurse or doctor.

Due to the services that we are rolling out during 2016/2018 we will need to become registered with Care Quality Commission. We this happens we will be updating our website and announcing it on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Q: Do you have any ambulances within Echo Medical Services?

A: Yes, even though we are not currently care quality commission registered private ambulance provider we operate ambulance response cars. We use our ambulances response cars to carry out small to medium size event cover, we also carry out other non care quality commission compliance activities that sometimes require an emergency response like the delivery of blood, tissues and human organs. Our ambulance response cars are fully insured for blue light use and are registered with DVLA as ambulances, they carry a full medical kit on board them and also have the latest technology on board that includes a mobile phone, nationwide 2 way radio, satellite navigation, full CCTV and a live tracker. They are staffed by a single crew that is qualified to IHCD technician and have the skills to use all the equipment that is on board or if doubled crewed then an emergency care assistant will assisted the IHCD technician. All staff on the response cars are fully qualified to a national ambulance driving standard of IHCD D2/BTEC LEVEL 3. When we do carry out care quality commission compliance activities like private ambulance duties or patient transport services using our response cars and staff this is though a company that we have been contracted by and that is care quality commission registered. When we are contracted by such company we will work under their policies and procedures to ensure that we keep within their scope of registration.