Below is a selection of comments from our course and service evaluation form that are completed by each delegate or client after the completion of the course or service that they have attended or used.

The comments below show their first initial and surname only to insure their privacy or their job title if they are from a company, next to their name is the type of service which we supplied to them.


K Crisford (Training) - Fantastic course, fun and easy to learn, I feel more confident in first aid.


L Bailey (Training) - Informative but fun at the same time.


F Thomas (Ambulance) - Very professional service, Polite and very helpful.


Registered Home Manager (Ambulance) - Have used many times in the past and will continue too in the future.


R Friend (Ambulance) - Driver was very helpful and extremely good with my young daughter putting her at ease when she was scared of the siren and lights being on.


C Gilbody (Training)- Good Pace, Instructor covered all the material in an interesting way.


Y Tallis (Training)- Excellent tutor, now fell confident to give first aid.


Medical Advisor (Drug Testing Service) - All staff were treating in private and with care and respect.


S Yoxall (Training)- Established repore, Gave instruction in am informative and fun way.


H Smith (Ambulance) - Driver gave a smooth journey even with blue lights and sirens on.


Health & safety Manager (First Aid Ass) - Assessments were carried out with care in line with current guidelines.


G Ruane (Training)- Clear & fun way of learning which made the information sink in quickly.


R White (Training)- Excellent training, Trainer had a professional yet approachable attitude.


S Lodge (Training)- Very good, Trainer was easy to understand.


M Hodge - (Ambulance) - Ambulance crew were great they treated me with the up most of respect and looked after me every step of the way.


A Glenn (Ambulance) - Driver was great and very calm even when a car nearly went into the side of our vehicle. Thank you for a first class service and getting me there in one piece.  


L Jepson (Training)- Really enjoyed course, Good info & friendly instructor.


J Slann (Training)- Brilliant, Wonderful service and great tutor.


P Clements (HomeCall/Ambulance) - Had a fall at home, ambulance man was very kind and looked after me until the ambulance service arrived.